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Dr. Ana Maria Madureira (Polytechnic of Porto - ISEP/IPP) - GMEPE/PAHCE 2018 President
Dr. Aurélio Campilho (University of Porto - INESC TEC) - GMEPE/PAHCE 2018 Vice-President
Dr. Altamiro da Costa Pereira (University of Porto – CINTESIS/Medicine) - GMEPE/PAHCE 2018 Vice-President

Organizing Committee:
Pedro Simeão, Dr. Maria Judite Ferreira (ISEP/IPP); Dr.Luis Coelho (ISEP/IPP); Cristina Guimarães (INESCTEC); Dr. Alberto Freitas (CINTESIS/FMUP; Dr. Hernâni Gonçalves (CINTESIS/FMUP); Diogo Braga (ISEP/IPP)
GMEPE/PAHCE 2018 Host Team <conf.gmepe.pahce[AT]>  *(Any questions in English or Portuguese concerning local organizational/ logistics issues) (replace [AT] with @ to send your message”
Dr. Raquel Martinez - GMEPE/PAHCE
 *(Any questions in English or Spanish concerning general conference issues) (replace [AT] with @ to send your message”

General GMEPE/PAHCE management:
Dr. Lorenzo Leija Salas, GMEPE/PAHCE  Co-Editor 
Dr. Ron Leder, GMEPE/PAHCE Publications and Publicity Chair

Dr.  Ivonne Bazan-Trujillo,
GMEPE/PAHCE Content Coordinator
Dr. Fabiano Peruzzo Schwartz,
GMEPE/PAHCE Content Coordinator
Dr. Vesna Zeljkovic, GMEPE/PAHCE Content Coordinator

Raquel Martínez-Valdez, GMEPE/PAHCE Program  Coordinator    
Javier Eslava Ríos, MS, GMEPE/PAHCE Int. Logistics Coordinator
Rubén Pérez Valladares, GMEPE/PAHCE Technical  Support

          and other members of the GMEPE/PAHCE Team.


Dr. Alexander Arroyo Núñez, Dra. Raquel Martínez Valdez, Dr. Francisco A. Ramos Narváez, Dr. Enrique Tadeo Santoyo, Dr. Arturo Vera Hernández  GMEPE/PAHCE 2017: President, Scientific Vice-President, Medical Area Coordinator, Communication Director, and Technical Program Coordinator

Dr. Antonio Ramos Fernandez, Dr. Enrique Riera F. de Sarabia, Dra. Itziar González Gómez, Javier Eslava Ríos, MS,
GMEPE/PAHCE 2016: President, Organization Vice President,
Local Activities Program  Vice President, Communication Director. In cooperation with M. Luisa Chapel Gómez, M.Sc.  President of the Spanish Society of Medical Physics

MSc. Guillermo Avendaño, MSc. César Galindo, Ing. Germán Blanchard
PAHCE 2015: President, Executive Vice President, and Communication Vice President

Dr. Lourdes Brasil, Dr. Marília Miranda, Dr. Vera Maraes, Dr. Fabiano Peruzzo Schwartz
PAHCE 2014  President; Executive Vice President; Communication Vice President; Scientific Vice President

John Bustamante, MD, PhD; Mauricio Hernández, PhD, Jesús María Soto, MD ESp.
PAHCE 2013 President and Vice Presidents

Dr. Anthony J McGoron
PAHCE 2012 President

Dr. Wagner Coelho A. Pereira, Dr. Bianca Gutfilen,  Dr. Lea Mirian Fonseca
PAHCE 2011 President and Co Presidents

Dr. Carlos Silva Cardenas, MSc.Rocío Callupe Pérez, Dr. Benjamín Castañeda
PAHCE 2010 President and Program Chairs

Drs. Lorenzo Leija Salas and Josefina Gutiérrez Martínez
PAHCE 2009 President and Co President/Host

PAHCE 2006 ; PAHCE 2007 ; PAHCE 2008

GMEPE/PAHCE - General  Mailing Address:       

    11278 Los Alamitos Blvd. #123

     Los Alamitos, California 90720


International contacts (see interactive map above)

GMEPE/PAHCE Liaisons: Andrei Issakov (Europe-CIS/Switzerland-Russia); Antonio Ramos (Europe/Spain); Arturo Vera (Mexico); Baset Khalaf (South Africa); Carmen Müller-Karger (South America/Venezuela); Carola Yucra (South America/Bolivia); Emin Sunbuloglu (Middle East/Turkey); Ernesto Suaste (Mexico); Esther Rodriguez-Villegas (Europe/England); Fabiano Schwartz (South America/Central Brazil); Feng Liu (Australia); Guillermo Avendaño (South America/Chile); Hana Husain (Middle East/Kuwait); Honren Liao (Asia/Japan); Ibrahim Duhaini (Middle East/Lebanon); Jackrit Suthakorn (Asia/Thailand); João Tavares (Europe/Portugal); Juan Carlos (Central America/El Salvador); Kátia Neles (South America/Coastal Brazil);  Kim Kyeong (Asia/Korea); Luay Fraiwan (Middle East/Jordan); Marco A. Reyna (Northern Mexico); Mario Castaneda (Northern California); Mauricio Hernández (South America/Colombia); Miguel Gutierrez (Asia/the Philippines); Monique Frize (Canada); Nazeeh Alothmany  (Middle East/Saudi Arabia); Ricardo Armentano (South America/Argentina); Rocio Callupe (South America/Peru); Tobey Clark (Eastern US); Toh Siew-Lok (Asia/Singapore); Tom Judd (Central US); Yousef  Al-Assaf  (Middle  East/UAE); PAHCE Team (Southern California and all other regions) 


Email Address:
GMEPE/PAHCE <gmepeconf[AT]>
(replace [AT] with @ to send your message)
        (646) 514-4569